My Methods of Calming Down

My Methods of Calming down.


            Date- 10th October,2021

            Special Entry number #3

            Title- My Methods of Calming Down

Hey Grizz,

Was debating with myself for the last ten minutes on whether I should begin from this page or not, I know, silly me, anyway, class 10 has been stressful,but I am enjoying it as well. Afterall you only get to experience it once, right? Unless you fail ! But that’s negativity. We don’t want that here. So here are my ways to reduce stress.

  1. To Write

While writing can be tiresome, I find it the perfect way to reduce stress or upcoming anxiety. Oh no! I’m not asking you to write a story. You can write your thoughts down to sort them out and clear out your mind and if you dont want to do that(like me) write A B C’s. Yes “The Alphabet” like you used to do when you were 3 or 4. For a kid who had and still has bad handwriting (embarrassing) I would say this method brought me double benefits. It is quite a wonder. I can relax while improving my handwriting. It feels so relaxing when you focus on the pen tip gliding on paper, watching how every stroke is formed and then a line and then eventually a word. It feels magical when you get lost in this world of writing. Calligraphy definitely has a strong impact on my mind. 

  1. Read

Old and boring words for the kids of this generation. Why read when you can watch it online? Well, I prefer reading because I like to know things right. When there’s a movie  coming out on a book you can already guess that 70% of the content is changed in the movie(all my potterhead friends, you know what I am talking about), and where TRP gets the money most of us are left with wrong knowledge. I am not saying that you should not watch the movie, I said it would be better if you consider reading the book first. Coming back to how books help me out during stress – It is quite an extraordinary way on how a book takes me to a whole different world, just two lines and I’m already imagining myself in the situation. Books for me are not pages and words, it’s a key to my secret world, it’s my moment away from this noisy and crazy world. I could go on and on about books can’t I ? But I think I have to take out time and write a whole different segment on that. Till then, here are my favourite writers who don’t step back in engulfing me into their witty words. My top favourite – Enid Blyton. I have been in love with her writings for 3 years now and she has never failed to surprise me, from the mysterious Famous Five and Secret Seven to a land of gypsies, brownies(not the food one), giants and tales this woman has given it all. Whenever I feel bored I can always trust Famous Five and Secret Seven to turn on my inquisitive mode. Did I forget to mention the amazing school stories? Oh! The beautifully portrayed hostel or I would say boarding school stories of girls in St.Claires and Malory Towers are perfect for times when you don’t want to be a detective and want something fun to read. There, I’m doing it again aren’t I ? I just can’t stop when it comes to my favourite writers. Coming to my second favourite, and don’t get me wrong, I love him very much but I just like mysteries more. It is Ruskin Bond and he is the one who inspired me to write. I have a huge respect towards him and his writings are beautiful,simply beautiful. Whenever I would want a time of deep peace. I can just open a Ruskin Bond book and instantly be transferred to the peaceful valleys off Duns or sometimes even in the room he sits and observes people, sometimes in Grandpa’s garden, sometimes in a local train travelling to aunts house or sometimes I’m in a Room on the Roof. The list goes on to wherever Mr. Bond decides to write.Reading the work of Ruskin Bond helps me to connect with my roots, the fragrance of old India can be vividly felt through his writings. My other favourites are Carolyn Keene’s Nancy Drew, yes , detective, old 19th century, or even older, english writings (ex: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Three Men in a boat by Jerome K. Jerome, Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe and many others which are either referred to by my mom or my Literature textbooks). Being a fan of detective stories how can I forget the greatest work of mystery in the history of suspense writing, which although being old is yet on top and honestly I don’t think anyone can top that. You bet, Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was and still is a legend. There are not enough words in my vocabulary to describe this masterpiece. 

  1. Senses

The 5 senses of the human body, Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste and Touch are the key areas towards relaxation. I mean, why wouldn’t they be? We talked about sight and visual feeling in the above two methods, so let’s talk about the rest. Starting with sound. Music is wildly popular, you have it everywhere and for everything and lo-fi beats are my go to if I’m for a peaceful evening with my Geography textbook, also who loves typing and tip-tap sounds like me ? Smell – For relaxation AromaTherapy is a better choice of word. Relaxation through smell was introduced to me by my mother. After a stressful day at work something which helps her to calm her nerves down and sleep peacefully is talcum powder. I’ve seen this from childhood, the scent of talcum always sends her off to a deep dream of peace. So, recently I’ve been keeping a scented candle on my study table and sometimes when I feel like I need something to refresh my mind and give the room a little aroma , I light it up. Taste? Oh, taste is basically what you’re thinking right now. Food(one thing that is ever present in the minds of foodies like us). There’s not much to say about taste but my morning cup of coffee in a peaceful environment, sets me off for a great start of the day. Touch- Now, recently there’s been a huge hype about these new pop it stress buster things, you also have stress balls and other stuff available in the market, but for me(as I don’t have any of the stuff mentioned above) my push pens are great stress busters. 

Those are all the things that help me calm down when I am about to lose my mind over homework or an upcoming exam and honestly writing this was blissful. It was wonderful talking to you again Grizz, see you soon.



Author note: I had lots of fun writing this blog and it actually is one of my special entries in my diary. I hope you had the same amount joy reading it. If you are going through a stressful time , do try out the methods and see what works best for you and if you have any tips on tackling stress then share it in the comment section below. See you next time.