READING is my favorite time pass . I am a huge bookworm . Reading calms your mind ,releases stress, helps you to learn new things and so much more.

Lots of people think reading is boring especialy kids of my age and younger than them so today I will give you some tips on how to enjoy reading  so lets start :

Step 1:Pick a book

Pick a book which you would love to read ,it can be anything an autobiography,thriller,adventurous, you should be intrested in it.

Step 2:Imagination

Imagine your self at the place which you are reading for example if you are reading a detective story imagine your self on the scene this way it will be more intresting to read .

Step 3: Set a goal

Set a goal to read atleast 20 pages a day slowly increase your goal to 30 pages a day

Results and Benefits:

Before starting to read always remember that results dont come right after the first day . After reading for 1 week you will learn alot of new words, sentence contruction will be better , you will be able to express your thoughts in a better way. As for the benefits you will have a better vocabulary  and you will also have a favourite writer in the end if not the keep exploring.

Hope that you will find this information helpful and will spend some your Quarantine time by reading .

Thank you