Samaria was sitting by the window sill with her steaming cup of coffee thinking that the treatment which she received (over her choice)  few months back , did she deserve it?

4 months back, the 17 year old Samaria was in a state, that most people don’t want be in – it was about making a choice – a choice that some people regret after making and some exceed with extreme joy. But was Samaria with the people who regretted their decision or the people who excelled ? The answer is, at that moment she was in a flustered(confused) state. Her choice was to either take up her passion and make it her “profession” or to just go with the flow and finish her studies and get on with her Family Business.

Samaria looked at her parents face who were looking at her with great confidence as they thought that she would choose to finish her studies and join the business . Her parents had a lot of profit in the business and it had also seemed that product they sold, gave people a run for their money. It was a safe and secure future for her. But that’s not something that she wanted to do, its not that she was ashamed of the business or that she didn’t wanted to be a part of it , no, as much as she wanted to help her parents in the business, she also wanted to do something more with her life, rather than just being a successful business women.

For the choice, she chose, is to finish her studies and join her family business.

But, was she HAPPY with this decision? Was she going to REGRET it later?

There was a whirlpool of QUESTIONS on her mind, and as said earlier she was in a perplexed(confused) state.

to be continued~~