Save ME!

Save Me! Save Me! cries the EARTH,

As the trees are chopped down.

“Ow! That hurts”,

Says he moaning aloud.

“I gave you ground and place to live”

“And this is what I get in return”

“Really! you have changed indeed”

Said he with his heart full of burns

“I took you in with out complain”

“Loved you as my own”

“So please give me a little attention”

Said he as we continued our harmful action.

Sreeparna Maulik

New Beginning

EASTER (A New Beginning…)

Do you know why do we give Easter egg  to everyone on Easter? The reason behind is, the egg marks as the new beginning. You may ask why? . It is because most number of animals  except mammals begin their life through eggs,that is why egg marks as the beginning of new life and new beginning.So in this new beginning what are  your plans? Do write me in the comments,until then Goodbye.